Murray Hollings (the principle) was the managing partner of Ashburton Refrigeration servicing 75-80% of existing dairy farms in the greater
Mid-Canterbury area and contracted to service all Kiwi Dairies farms around Christchurch. In fact Ashburton Refrigeration had a dominant market share of all existing farms and new conversions supplying Fonterra Clandeboye factory and developed an enviable reputation in the industry.

The business was sold to Invensys/Dairy Technology Services and I was employed by DTS as the Canterbury/North Otago area co-ordinator. I designed and sold approximately 250 refrigeration systems, over 4 years, to farmers and arranged subcontractors to complete installation work.

Dairycool was set up in September 2004 to fill a gap in the market left open by competitors with a corporate culture. We set out to provide independent products and services and improve the service standards existing at this time.

We are now the main provider of dairy farm refrigeration, products and services in Canterbury which provides us with a position of strength with our suppliers. This position ensures we provide cost effective solutions for our clients with uncompromising quality.