At Dairycool we offer a prompt professional 24/7 refrigeration breakdown service. We believe this type of service is crucial to our clients and with the anticipated Food Safety milk cooling legislation “tightening” in the near future, it is imperative that breakdowns are responded to and remedied quickly with no call backs.

“Murray and Lee are really good people to work with. They have good products and great backup service – and again their gear and service is local in Ashburton, which I really like,” – Duncan Barr, Hinds dairy farmer.

At Dairycool we  provide a free on-site cooling and energy savings appraisal and design service ensuring our customers and prospects are getting all the facts and figures so as making informed decisions. Each dairy is unique in its operation and size and Dairycool recognises this and take into account numerous factors before establishing design options and recommendations.

Dairycool are able to provide single of dual silo controllers from one common point. Dual silo controllers have several benefits where they are more practical, more cost effective and more user friendly (for staff and tanker drivers) given the controls and functions are from one point. The other major advantage is of course lessoning the cost for the farmer.

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Refrigeration maintenance is an essential aspect of a dairy farm management programme. For most equipment one service is all that is required per season to maintain an acceptable level of efficiency and reliability for ‘on farm’ refrigeration equipment. Given the anticipated tightening of the milk cooling regulations and large taxes now being applied to refrigerants (leaks) we now recommend 6 monthly servicing of refrigeration equipment

Refrigeration maintenance is scheduled in the spring and autumn to improve the reliability and running efficiency of refrigeration systems before the peak summer period and to rectify any faults appearing following this period.

The concept of Off-season maintenance has probably originated from dairy farm refrigeration companies (operating exclusively in the dairy farm area) in low growth areas using this system as a means of creating work during the 2 month off-season.
Statistically we get 3 to 4 times the numbers of refrigeration faults occurring during the peak summer period (as opposed to start-up faults) when the daytime temperatures are hottest.
Low ambient and water (in the silo for load) temperatures and quick low load pull down times sometimes make checking of the refrigerant charge inaccurate. As this is one of the most important aspects of the checks we recommend leaving the checks until there are higher daytime temperatures and a reasonable milk load in the silo.

It makes sense to complete a service around the time the refrigeration system is running at its peak load

If this is the case Dairycool is happy to complete a maintenance service at a time to suit you.

We believe in the value of carefully timed maintenance to the farmer and this has averted many major problems before they have caused an expensive breakdown.

In addition there are always a significant number of systems found to be running inefficiently, and unnoticed by the farmer. These can consume many hundreds of dollars worth of extra electricity and also shorten the overall life of the refrigeration unit.

Dairycool have over 600 farms to complete refrigeration maintenance on this season.

Regular refrigeration maintenance ensures:

  • Lower running costs
  • Quicker milk pull down times
  • Longer lifespan of refrigeration units
  • Lower incidence of breakdowns and downtime