Dairycool only deal with the most reliable and industry proven refrigeration units on the market. We do however have the capacity to purchase “cheaper” units, although here are a few questions to ponder…

Does the equipment have refrigeration grade compressors and components?

Due to price considerations many refrigeration suppliers have switched to more specifically designed air conditioning compressors on refrigeration units. These are satisfactory as long as everything is OK; although these compressors are easily damaged by operating outside of their design parameters. We have seen compressors fail due to running low on refrigerant and compressor replacement is an expensive and time consuming process

Heatcraft refrigeration units have the most reliable refrigeration grade compressors we have seen in recent times and all components are industrial grade

Is the condenser generously sized?

A refrigeration unit with an oversized condenser will be more reliable and pull the milk temperature down quicker in hot weather. In addition to saving money on electricity, there are significant milk quality benefits

Heatcraft Refrigeration units are designed for harsh 42 degree Australian weather conditions

Is the equipment industry proven?

There are two main brands of equipment with a large presence in the dairy industry – Patton and Heatcraft, they both have many thousands of units in service. While other brands may eventually prove themselves there is significant risk in pioneering with these

Heatcraft Refrigeration units have been installed in the dairy industry for many years and there are thousands currently in service in NZ

Are spare parts readily available/carried by service personnel?

Main brand refrigeration equipment spares are carried by Dairycool and service personnel ensuring refrigeration breakdowns are promptly and efficiently repaired. In the unlikely event a more specialised part is required, this is available from the nearest equipment stockist

Heatcraft Refrigeration unit spares are carried by main service company service personnel and are readily available from 10 branches nationwide

Is the unit mounted on legs?

Good quality dairy industry fan-cooled refrigeration units are mounted approximately 500mm up off the ground on purpose built legs. As most condenser-clogging foreign matter such as dust is blown around at ground level, leg-mounted refrigeration units will be much more reliable and efficient in operation

Heatcraft refrigeration units come standard with painted 500mm legs and weatherproof covers enabling quick installation and ensuring trouble-free outdoor installation