Dairycool offer another excellent energy savings option to dairy farmers – a silo insulation wrap. Nowadays most milk supply silos are manufactured with 4mm single skin stainless steel and the losses from the average uninsulated silo on hot days are horrendous. At up to 8Kw of energy loss from some uninsulated milk silos on a hot NW day, you could be spending an additional $1,000 plus on electricity each year to run your refrigeration unit(s). In addition to this, there is ultimately more wear and tear and higher maintenance costs.

It makes good sense to install a milk silo insulation blanket with the following features:

  • Top quality materials with 5 years warranty on exterior PVC fabric ensure a long lifespan and good looks even after many years
  • Easily removed as there are no adhesives used and the blanket is strapped on
  • Locally made products with an excellent reputation
  • Reduces daytime refrigeration maintenance running times by as much as 80%
  • Eliminates hard to clean sun-baked tidemark on internal silo walls at high milk level

“Being Canterbury, heat gets into the vat through the single skin silo. I wanted my new dairy comprehensively fitted from the start, so I went with the wrap.” – Duncan Barr, Hinds dairy farmer