Given that Food Safety are proposing the tightening of the milk cooling regulations, glycol snap chilling is increasing in popularity amongst farmers to future proof themselves for the inevitable changing of the milk cooling standards. Dairycool can offer instantaneous milk cooling systems using glycol.Milk is cooled instantly to 4-5 degrees prior to entering the milk silo (by the second stage of the plate cooler) and a single chiller unit in most instances will do as many cows or milk silo’s as is necessary – milk is ready for collection at any time.

Our system has the following features:

  • SUPERB milk quality
  • Negligible bug growth
  • Single large refrigeration system
  • Lower maintenance
  • Simple design
  • Cools any number of milk silos or calf milk vats (subject to dairy company approval to run glycol through silo pads)
  • Able to also cool primary cooling water if high in temperature
  • Efficient use of power lower running costs
  • No additional chiller capacity required for more cows or milk silos
  • One chiller can it all
  • Fully installed and performance guaranteed
  • Lower stresses on milk silo due to lower running pressures and no risk of milk freezing
  • Industry proven
  • In addition to the large number installed over the years in Australia there are over 20 installed in the North Island and some 15 in the South Island