Coolsense/ Vari-COOL refrigeration systems

High end performance from a single refrigeration system.

Dairycool Ltd are certified installation and service agents for Coolsense/Vari-COOL refrigeration systems.

Manufactured in Hamilton, New Zealand using leading technology the Coolsense range of products are a great option for farmers looking for high end performance from a single refrigeration system.

The Vari-COOL unit will “Pre Chill” your milk and chills multiple milk silos, eliminating the need for multiple refrigeration units on farm.

The Vari-COOL unit is a versatile glycol based system that can adjust its outgoing kilo-wattage through the use of variable speed compressor technology.

This allows the system to be a powerful snap chiller and yet still have the ability to turn down its capacity to meet the changing demand when chilling one or multiple milk silos.

All Vari-COOL units can be connected to Coolsense’s product protection network “Coolcare”, which is a proprietary system that remotely monitors the chilling system performance and sends fault alarms to the farmer and a Dairycool technician in real time. This annual subscription gives you the confidence that your product is remotely protected at all times, saving unnecessary site visits.

We as a company invested in a Vari-COOL 22 glycol snap chilling system to chill milk flows into two milk silos. We wanted to ensure peace of mind with milk cooling, and comfortably adhere to the compliance standards aligned to the Synlait Lead with Pride programme, and the back-up service Dairycool as a business offers, and continues to provide whether it is within business hours or outside of normal business hours. We are absolutely delighted with quality of the product, the installation, and the peace of mind the Vari-Cool system provides and would recommend the milk cooling system.

Nathan Henry | CEO – Cracroft Dairies Limited

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