Milk Silo insulation wraps

Slash your dairy shed operating costs!

Refrigeration losses on uninsulated milk silos are horrendous. The additional heat gain from the sun and wind means your refrigeration system can be working up to 50% harder, resulting in wasted electricity use and unnecessary wear and tear.

EECA data suggests that uninsulated milk silos in New Zealand waste $6-7 million of energy per annum – enough to power 3000 homes, and emit around 4000 more tonnes of carbon dioxide annually – the equivalent emissions of 1800 cars.

Most modern milk supply silos are manufactured with 4mm single skin stainless steel. The losses from the average uninsulated silo – up to 4kW – on a typical summer’s day can easily result in milk being rejected or graded due to inadequate milk cooling. Add onto that an extra $1000 plus to run the refrigeration unit(s) annually, plus higher margins of wear and tear, and suddenly an uninsulated silo is an expensive exercise.

A 6 - 20% refrigeration capacity gain is possible for an investment of $1800 - $4000, depending on vat size and specification. This, by itself, could negate the need to invest in additional refrigeration capacity.”


It makes good business sense to install a Dairycool milk silo insulation wrap.

We use a premium insulation product from Japan that does not absorb moisture, so the R value remains consistent for the full lifespan of the silo wrap. Additionally, unlike some other products our wrap insulation does not leech chloride so is safe to use on stainless steel silos and fittings.

Reduce energy costs and potential grades today.