Compliance Assessments

Dairycool take the hassle out of milk cooling compliance.

We look at your current situation and future requirements, taking careful consideration of primary cooling water temperatures, power usage and availability, milk flows and seasonal variation. 

In consultation with you we determine the best course of action to improve your milk cooling capacity. In many cases this will be utilising your existing equipment to minimise capital expenditure. 

If existing equipment is in need of replacement we have multiple options available, from like-for-like DX replacement, cost effective snap-chilling units, ice banks for sites with low power reserve, right through to Coolsense/Vari-COOL installations that snap chill and perform milk vat cooling in one unit.

For every cooling situation, we have the solution to keep you compliant.

Data Logging

With our accurate datalogging systems we can identify temperature and differential trends or areas of concern, such as:

Once we have data over a specific time period, we can accurately calculate existing milk cooling effectiveness. This is provided in easy to understand graph format and we can advise where improvements can be made.

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