24 hour breakdown service

Our experienced agri-refrigeration technicians are available 24hrs a day for urgent faults and breakdowns. With an extensive parts department on hand and prompt and professional service, we are the trusted provider of Dairy Farm Refrigeration repairs and maintenance throughout Canterbury.

MPI Milk cooling standards

The Ministry for Primary Industries New Zealand (MPI) new milk cooling standards came into legislation 1st June 2018 and apply to all dairy farms to meet compliance.

The rules state that raw milk must:

  1. a) be cooled to 10°C or below within four hours of the commencement of milking; and
  2. b) be cooled to 6°C or below within the sooner of:
  3. i) six hours from the commencement of milking, or
  4. ii) two hours from the completion of milking; and
  5. c) be held at or below 6°C without freezing until collection or the next milking; and
  6. d) must not exceed 10°C during subsequent milkings (blend temperature).

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