Snap chilling

The affordable solution for cooling compliance

Dairycool water chillers are the preferred option on many Canterbury farms to meet stringent milk cooling requirements now and in the future. With many farms actively reducing their dairy shed water usage, primary cooling capacity can be impacted, due to lower water volumes and recirculation warming the water temperature through the plate cooler. In this instance milk silo entry temperature can be up to 20°c, too high to meet cooling compliance.

The most effective solution to this problem is to add a secondary cooling system to the plate cooler, to snap chill milk prior to milk silo entry.

How it works

Chilled water is recirculated through the Haye chiller buffer tank to either a double bank primary plate cooler, or stand alone single bank plate cooler connected after the primary cooling pass, chilling the primary water to instantly snap chill milk to 8°c to 10°c. The silo refrigeration units can then maintain sub 5°c milk storage temperature very quickly to meet cooling regulations.

For sites with higher snap chilling requirements food grade glycol can be specified as the cooling medium, which can allow lower chilling temperatures without the risk of freeze up, resulting in 5°c milk entry temperature to the silo.

The snap chiller only runs during milking to maximise efficiency, with options to automatically switch on and off or to interlock with silo units when power capacity is a factor. The load on the silo dx units are also reduced, offsetting overall refrigeration power usage.

Ice Bank systems

Is electrical capacity at your Dairy Shed a problem?

An Ice Bank System could be the answer.

Utilising off peak power when your milking machines are not running, an Ice Bank System provides a very high level of snap chilling performance without the need for costly electrical capacity upgrades.

As the name suggests an Ice Bank unit creates a controlled amount of ice inside a food quality insulated 304 grade stainless steel tank. Ice is melted with an air blower inside the system, with the resulting chilled water pumped through the plate cooler to snap chill milk.

With multiple sizes and specifications available, Dairycool Ltd can provide Ice Bank secondary cooling options specific to your dairy shed requirements.

Full Turn Key Solutions

As well as full refrigeration, plumbing and electrical installation, Dairycool can also supply and install suitable Plate Coolers for your secondary cooling needs, for a full turn key solution with no supply disruption on farm.

Get a free onsite assessment of your milk cooling requirements.