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Dairycool have been the preferred provider of Dairy Farm refrigeration and services throughout Canterbury since 2004.

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Personal, prompt and professional after-hours service Canterbury wide.

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Our team of in house Electricians, Plumbers and Refrigeration Engineers are highly qualified.

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Your trusted provider of Dairy Farm Refrigeration in Canterbury. We proudly support our hard working farmers and their operations.

Welcome To Dairycool

Dairycool Agri Refrigeration specialists have been the preferred provider of dairy farm refrigeration and services throughout Canterbury since 2004. Our respected customers enjoy complete peace of mind, knowing they can count on our highly experienced team for all on farm refrigeration requirements.

We are proud to support our hard-working farmers, and their dairy farm operations to do what they do best: Produce the world’s highest quality milk, chilled and fit for purpose.

Our Products

Agri Refrigeration Solutions Canterbury Farmers Rely On

Snap Chilling

The affordable solution for cooling compliance. Dairycool water chillers are the preferred option on many Canterbury farms to meet stringent milk cooling requirements now and in the future. Well proven on Canterbury dairy farms

Silo Controllers

Our purpose-built milk silo control systems are manufactured in our Ashburton workshop by our skilled engineers. The Dairycool Silo Controller has a long service life and reliability, saving you money.

Heat Recovery Systems

In a typical dairy shed, water heating is a significant expense to operations. Heat recovery systems take otherwise wasted heat from refrigeration systems and convert it to hot water at a significantly reduced cost.

Milk Silo Insulation Wraps

Refrigeration losses on un-insulated milk silos are horrendous. Additional heat gain from the sun and wind means your refrigeration system can be working up to 50% harder, resulting in wasted electricity and wear and tear.

Silo DX Refrigeration

DX (direct expansion) units are the workhorses of milk silo refrigeration. Traditional and reliable, these refrigeration units are well proven in the field, and with regular maintenance provide many years of trouble free operation.

Coolsense/Vari-COOL systems

Made in Hamilton, NZ, using leading technology the Coolsense range of products are a great option for farmers looking for high end performance from a single refrigeration system.

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