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Dairycool have been the preferred provider of Dairy Farm refrigeration and services throughout Canterbury since 2004.

Welcome to Dairycool Ltd

Dairycool Ltd are the leading provider of dairy farm refrigeration products and services throughout Canterbury and North Otago. Our respected customers enjoy complete peace of mind, knowing they can count on our highly experienced team for all on farm refrigeration requirements.

New Zealand dairy farms are amongst the most efficient in the world. We’re proud to support our customers to produce the highest quality milk, while meeting their financial and environmental targets. 

Milk Cooling Solutions

Your Dedicated Dairy Refrigeration Provider

With over 850 dairy farm customers throughout Canterbury and North Otago, we have the local knowledge, experience and product range to optimise your milk refrigeration. 

Our highly experienced team of Refrigeration and Electrical technicans are available at all times to maintain your milk cooling. This is supported by the comprehensive parts inventory we carry in stock to eliminate down time on farm. 

We also work closely with Fonterra and Synlait assets teams and logistics, to ensure all aspects of vat refrigeration are taken care of.

Chilled Milk is Our Speciality

As a dedicated dairy refrigeration provider your bulk milk is our priority. Dairycool customers enjoy the highest level of support and commitment to keep you’re milk below 6°C. 

We’re proud of the strong customer relationships we’ve built over 20+ years, and as technology and milk production continues to evolve, you can count on Dairycool to offer the right products, advice and support to keep your milk cool, now and in the future.

Our Product Range

DX (Direct Expansion) Chiller units are the most common units for milk vat refrigeration. These robust and simple condensing units are connected directly to the base and/or sidepad of the bulk milk silo.

We carry in stock 15hp, 13hp and 10hp sizes to suit a wide range of vat capacities.

Haye water chillers are the ideal solution for snap chilling milk on demand, before it enters the bulk silo – where the DX chiller then maintains sub 6°C holding temp. 

Compact in size, with onboard buffer tank and pump, the Haye chiller circulates 5°C water through a secondary or double bank plate cooler inside the dairy shed. 

We stock Fixed and Variable Speed model options.

The latest cooling technology now available in New Zealand. 

The PureCool chilling system performs both on demand snap chilling (through a double bank plate cooler) as well as maintenance cooling to multiple milk vats, eliminating the need for any additional chillers on farm. 

With an industry leading EER rating, ultra low refrigerant volume, remote monitoring and free hot water production, the PureCool system is the future for environmentally friendly milk cooling. 

Available exclusively through Dairycool, we stock 3 model sizes suitable for 400 to 1500 cows, with larger sizes available for indent order. 

Discounted Green Loan approved finance is available for all PureCool models. 

Dairycool Milk Silo Wraps are a low cost and highly effective method of reducing demand on chiller units. 

Silo Wraps can reduce cooling energy consumption by up to 50%, by eliminating heat gain from the sun and wind on the exterior milk silo surface. Additionally, reduced cycling and faster milk temp pull down speed helps to prolong the life of the chilling system.

Our Silo Wraps are made locally to our proven specifications, utilising superior thermal foam technology from Japan and heavy duty PVC lining.

All Vat sizes readily available, and custom sizes available on request.

Dairycool Silo Controllers are purpose-built milk silo control systems, manufactured in our Ashburton workshop by our skilled engineers. Designed, built and proven in the field for their ease of use and trouble-free operation, our team installs and maintains the controllers as part of our on site Service Programme.

With Single and Double Control models, as well as basic Calf Vat Controllers and Milk Temp Alarm Systems manufactured and in stock, we have all your Milk Vat Controller requirements covered.

Additional Product Options

Dairycool are the local agents for VariCOOL systems in Canterbury. With over 100 systems installed and maintained by our team, we have a wealth of experience with the VariCOOL product and the premium capabilities of this chilling system. 

VariCOOL is a New Zealand produced line of premium chillers which provide snap chilling, vat chilling, heat recovery and remote monitoring capabilities. 

With various sized models and specifications available, we’re pleased to assist with independent advice on which system is best for you.

Ice Bank Systems are ideal where shed electrical capacity can be a limiting factor.  

The Ice Bank unit creates a controlled amount of ice inside an insulated 304 grade stainless steel tank. Ice is melted with an air blower inside the system, with the resulting chilled water pumped through the plate cooler to snap chill milk. 

With multiple sizes and specifications available, Dairycool Ltd can provide Ice Bank secondary cooling options specific to your dairy shed requirements.

Did you know we also supply and install Mitsubishi Heat Pumps? 

For a recommendation and price get in touch with us today.

Dairycool also install and maintain coolrooms/freezer rooms for hunting and homekill storage. 

Our Services

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. 

Our team are dedicated to being your one-stop-shop for all your dairy refrigeration requirements, from consultation and reporting, maintenence and repair, full turn-key installations, to remote monitoring and total after sales support. Trust Dairycool to deliver hassle free customer service for your unique needs.

Cooling Assessments and Reporting

Compliance Reports • Emissions Analysis • Cooling Recommedations • Product Comparisons • Design and Pricing Options

Turn-key Installations and Maintenance

Electrical, Plumbing and Refrigeration - we do it all • Hassle-free installations completed between milkings • After sales support for total piece of mind • Full maintenance programmes and asset testing reports

Remote Monitoring and 24/7 Faults Service

Technical support a phone call away • If a callout required our technicians are on call 24/7 • Large parts inventory and rapid response to keep your milk cool • Free remote monitoring service for connected chillers